The Final Images

All subjects should be commended for their bravery during the photoshoots. All of the twelve are employees of the company that I work for and I want to commend them all for allowing me to put them into positions in an environment that could have caused them some embarrassment.

The shoot relied heavily on a lot of composition because I already had the twelve images that I wanted to recreate and I had to put each subject into the position of the image that they were recreating.

The intent of the shoots were to recreate images already available but I believe that some of the images are strong enough to be used for other purposes and I will highlight this in the commentary against each photograph as applicable.

This was the first image that I took and I chose the area because of the natural light that was available. The product behind the subject is actually finished and the subject is portraying that it can go no further until full inspection has taken place before being allowed to fly.

Before I took this image the idea was just a concept in my head but after I took the first shoot I was pleased with the idea and the project really started to fill me with enthusiasm that it would work,

This image is my favourite because of the ergonomics of the factory environment where the photograph was taken.

The subject really became the image that he was shown even though by his own admission, he had no knowledge of the superhero he was copying.

The contrast of a dark character with  the bright background is in conflict but works well.

Again the location for this shoot was in a bright clean factory environment. I enjoy this environment because there is no need to use flash.

I particularly like the way that the light is reflected on the floor and again as in all the images, the inclusion of the product provides a strong image that could be used in Company publications.

Whilst the intent of the project is to mirror image superheroes, I believe this image is strong enough to be used as a stand alone image for company publications.

This is one of the images that I could see as a stand alone image potentially in an article that wanted to portray Women in Manufacturing.

The image was taken at the end of the working day as everybody was leaving so the lighting was predominantly available from the factory lighting.

This was my most difficult shoot as the subject was difficult to position. The subject was too image conscious to be fully engage with the concept. Nevertheless I persevered and I am generally pleased with the end result.

I took this image in a part of the factory that is used for storage and subsequently the lighting is very poor. I did not want to use flash so I experimented with the ISO settings.

I like this image because there is sufficient light to allow enough detail to be seen in the top left but this does not detract away from the subject.


This subject (as can be seen) was extremely happy to enter into the spirit of things although I was trying very hard to get a sombre look. Nevertheless I decided to leave him smiling.

Lighting was mostly natural and the product is large in the image but not predominant.

This image needed to portray determination and the subject achieved this with the facial portrayal.

Bright surroundings with the contract of a slightly darker product works well for me in this image.

Its important to note that the only things that I controlled in all the images is the subject. The backgrounds were left alone to experiment with actual surroundings.

I particularly like this image again because the way that the subject really got into the spirit of the concept. The background again does not detract from the subject matter although it is a predominant factor in the image.

I cannot stress again how good the lighting and general ergonomics are in the factory where I work.

I particularly like t composition because the subject was not comfortable adopting the pose. Nevertheless after some persuasion the mix of subject and product is achieved with the subject being the main focus of the image.  You are first dawn in to the subject then quickly exploring the surroundings.


This is a strong image and could be used as a stand alone image to portray confidence. Lighting and colouring in the background provide a contrast for the dark colouring of the subjects clothes but this does not detract from the warmth that the subject is giving.

Ged Garry