Final Summary

I drew inspiration for my project mainly from my own ideas about the people that I work with who humbly get on with their “Super deeds” because they are driven by an inner motivation, usually personal to get involved with a particular charity.

Regardless of this it is the charity that benefits as the individuals are not looking for personal recognition.

Through the course of the project it became clear that the idea itself to promote these individuals could be used for the good of charity and with the agreement of all the participants it will be used to sell as a Charity Calendar within our organisation.

After some research, I found two similar concepts, has a project of the same name but is composed of real people in imaginary situations. Heavily arranged images are staged, with friends and family of Brandon Cawood taking the roles of victims and patients in fake scenes.

Whereas features photos of special-needs kids dressed up to show off their inner superhero, a way to help them feel confident and strong while raising awareness about children with disabilities or other challenges.

Although the concept is the same the subject matter is entirely different and my project probably is similar in composition to the little earth project.

In respect of legal or ethical considerations I am in fact using images that I obtained from the internet therefore but I am not using them for any commercial gain but I need to consider implications for the calendar that I will sell for our charity calendar.


With regard to equipment used I have included a separate page blog detailing what was used and also equally as important, what was not used but was considered and available.

I did not want to use flash or artificial means at all so lighting was a mixture of factory provided light or natural light from external sources.

I am more pleased with some of the images and as stated the concept was originally a comparison with superhero images but some could be used as standalone images for other reasons/projects. These images have been annotated with comments where applicable in the section called “Final Images”

I am particularly pleased with the composition aspect of the project and I am delighted with the output. I used Adobe photoshop elements to crop the images for the output but this does not detract away from the concept.

If I was to embark on the project again I would like to have more time with each subject and I would like to try one of two different poses.

I used 18-35mm lens and again if I had more time then I would have experimented with different lenses to see what effect could be obtained.

On the whole I am extremely pleased with the result.  

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